What is "Insight for Wear"?

“Insight for Wear” is a name of an app that has been deployed in the Google Play Market. It is a quantified self/ lifelogging app that collect and equipped with a lightweight predictive analytics component to learn users’ behavior and stream messages to help users augmenting their own behavior or device use. With deep respect to users’ privacy we are collecting some data from users’ device.

You can find our "END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT" here.


At the time of writing this page, Insight now has more than 1,000 installs, and we do believe it is the largest wearable dataset that can be shared with the community. In particular, it has about 11,5 million records of information, which are semantically rich and not necessarily raw sensor data.
We have decided to share insight data with scientific community, because we do believe the ultra conservative community of data mining and databases could benefit a lot from using smartwatch data and other new technologies.


Following data objects have been collected by insight:


Following two papers describe in detail our approach by creating the insight for wear app. The first paper describes the first architecture of the insight, the second one describe our lightweight predictive analytical method used to send users notification and predictions:

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Dataset Access

You can download a 10 days sample data from here. If you are willing to access to the whole dataset, please:
(1) send us a paragraph about what you are planning to do with the data. We should be sure that the privacy of our users will be maintained,
(2) sign this consent form and send it back to this address: access2data -at- insight4wear.com.